MMS ENERGY made evaluations about solarex İstanbul 2018

SOLAREX İstanbul 2018,where the solar energy sector came together,attached great interest. Tacettin YETKİN, who is the MMS chairman of the energy board, expressed his evaluations about the fair and the sector.
SOLAREX İstanbul 2018,the largest organization of solar world in Turkey,took place with the participation of the sector professionals,many local and foreign companies and the people who interested in the organization.Tacettin YETKİN,MMS chairman of energy board, gave a lot of information about MMS energy and he expressed his views in relation to the sector and the fair.
YETKİN,emphasized that they built solar energy power plants in the fields and the roofs with the professional and technical equipments of MMS energy.YETKİN,who expressed that they directly contribute to renewable energy sources of turkey,emphasized MMS energy’s position in solar energy sector.
Based on the developing roof sector,Yetkin said that’’Today,MMS energy sector in turkey is newly developing and the sector makes progress with confident steps to future.We continue to do whatever we can on behalf of our country.The work that we do is a direct contribution in the name of our country.We are also proud of from this point.Turkey has great potential in the solar sector.As MMS energy,we are doing our best.’’
Yetkin,expressed that the rouf market is a ‘’white page’’ and the opening of this market will be ‘’vital’’ for the companies and professionals in the sector.Finally,Yetkin stated that MMS energy is ready for the roof market.

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