MMS Energy About Us

MMS Central Engineering Energy Systems Incorporated. ‘Our respects’

  • 2013

    Today, the leading companies in the energy sector and MMS Central Engineering Energy Systems known as joint-stock company which is based in the energy sector established by two experienced construction engineers

  • 2015

    This partnership will gain an official name when it comes to 2015 and this partnership will be one of the strong part of the renewable energy sector by continuing with confident steps.

  • 2016

    Project - Consulting services will gain access to field installations with the strength and experience gained.The company's point of view will be gradually expanded with the manufacturing and construction works integrated with renewable energy.

  • 2017

    In the period when renewable energy installation works intensively, the staff will combine with an experienced electric-electronics engineer partner and company will continue as joint-stock companies by taking today’s name ‘’MMS Center Engineering Energy Systems Incorporated Company’’.In the middle of the triangle,there is a 3 partner.The company will reach a large and experienced staff consisting of employees and assistant staff including project manager, site chiefs, project coordinators, technical staff.

  • 2018

    The works from the establishment to today, the wide experience and the national investments that we made to our country.Also we feel honered and we are proud of having the same thought.

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