Consultancy Services

Our consultancy services

licence-free systems

Consultancy of the renewable energy sources.

Determination of the solar energy potential,

Development and procurement of the field,

Operations of field,ground and road,

Examination of the near-voltage lines,

Specification of the suitable places for connection to grid circuit,

Identification of settlements,

Analysis of regional and areal weather datas,

Analysis of the electricity production models,

Designing the most appropriate system,

Selection of the equipment and planning,

Determination of the capacity for system to be installed,

Investment cost calculation,

Presentation of investment options,

Determining favorable conditions for the scope of incentive,

Preperations of the licence application files,

Project and concultancy services after licence

Lisenced systems

Concultancy of the renewable energy sources

Determining where to set up the system and if the place is not suitable,the new location is determined,

Determination of the vendee’s electricity consumption,

Analysis and interpretation of the wind or solar data of the field,

Analyzing the grid connection,

Studying of the land and ground conditions,

Appropriate system selection through the datas

Presentation of priliminary reasibility report


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