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Unguarented set up  with solar power plant (SPP) Project financing(built-operate-transfer model)…

Solar energy power plant,built-operate-transfer model

For 1 MW and over SPP projects;

Turn-key installation is being done with up to %100 build,operate and transfer financing model to TEDAS(Turkey electricity distributer company) ,whose connection contract has been made,and the –SPP-WPP(wind power plant) which are in progress

Operation of the system;

In the SPP projects, Before or after the approval of the Project by TEDAS,all the files of the Project is sent to german company and the german company transmits the products,which will be used according to the place of the Project, and pricing maturitiy studies about turn-key installation by examining the files.(If there is a TEDAS Project and approval is obtained,The Project needs to be revised according to the products to be used by the installation company. If necessary IMPUS energy can make this revision for you.)

-If an aggrement is reached with the customer ,a contract is made with the investor regarding the investment to be made.

-In projects,The calendar is made By calculating how long will the investment ,which is based on the solar radiation datas,will return.

-Central(power plant)revenue can be assignable until the central amortize itself.At least 20000 dollars bond are left to customer as a operation budget.The german company ,who makes an installation, will realize the central depreciation maturity within 10 years.

-The company makes transaction on the banks where the aggrement is negotiated and assigns the TEDAŞ revenue on the basis of the payment Schedule.

1MW Solar Power Plant’s total cost is in the range of 1.250.000-1.300.000 Euro to the investments.


6-8 Years

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