Project Studies

By means of MMS energy,After noticing that investment of the solar system is an incredible oppotunity,The things that need to be done are listed as fallow;

Determination of land dedection/installation area

Working on the preliminary feasibility

Getting the exemption and agricultural writing of  enviromental impact assestment (eia) and mapping work

Applying to distribution company

Working on land reconstruction

Making the operations of TEDAS’s Project

Researching the financial opportunities and signing the sales aggrement

Selection of the product and installation services

You can examine the details of these steps from below.


Firstly,You need to make a preliminary feasibility in an area where you would like to make installation. IMPUS energy provides service for the studies of the land detection.Please contact us for more information.


After setting the installation area,according to your electricity consumption and how much you use electricity,The preliminary feasibility is made by IMPUS energy.In this way,we can briefly complete preliminary feasibility process.

The prefeasibility which will be made by impus energy,will be based on the information available in your circumtances and will give you the knowledge about the income and the financial gains to be obtained both annually and at the end of 25 years (the economic life of the solar energy installation),will also provide information about the amortization period of the investmen to be made and the process you need to follow as a result.The delivery time of the pre-feasiblity service takes 2 days.

TEDAS(Turkey electricity distributer company)PROJECTING SERVICES

Impus energy has a good relationship with all the relevant instutition and organizations and provides taking the approval of the Project by doing all the engineering studies of the solar energy system in the view of the TEDAS’S critarias.


Many banks and financıal institutions offer financial leasing and solutions for the solar energy plant.

IMPUS energy support  the investor about this subject.Please contact us about for more information.


IMPUS energy works with the best producers in the all  projects and serve the best qualitiy to the investors. Thanks to the german solution partners,not only  the most suitable prices but also we can offer the most suitable solar panel Technologies to your service because we dont have any brand dependency.

IMPUS energy and its solution partners succesfully put hundreds of solar energy installations into the investor’s service.IMPUS energy support to the investor with its installation and commissioning service.


Investing solar energy will give you many advantages.There’s more about this event than these. Perıodically,repair and maintanence operations should be done and the plant continuously remote monitoring.

Beside these,IMPUS energy is the best supporter to the investors. All of our repair and mantanence operations done by our professional team.As our managers have 10 years of experience in maintanence and repair,A prepared team including the most experienced technician is waiting in turkey. Please contact us for more information.


One of the most important topic is the guaranty that we gave. Impus energy pay attention to the guarentees ,which are given when the producer makes a selection, and it directly reflects these guarantees to investors.Guarantees;Products guaranty (10 years),Manufacturing guaranty(after 10 years %90,after 25 years %80). These Guarantees obviously show how we trust our maintanence-repair operations and our products. The risk of operations is a slight chance.


After these steps,the moment when the sun comes up  you earn Money.Impus energy ,who has the good relationship with the related institutions and  organizations and who  is the well-suited to all needs,is the best supporter at all these stages.Please contact us for more informations about all these steps.

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